Club History

On November 13, 1991 the first informal meeting was held at Jerry's Supper Club in Little Falls, Minnesota. Seventy-five John Deere enthusiasts were present at the meeting. The first official newsletter was issued in March 1992.

The whole idea behind our organization is the fellowship and common interest we share in the John Deere two-cylinder tractors.
-Quote from the first newsletter

At the March meeting, held at the VFW in Little Falls, the By-Laws were approved. This was the first meeting to have a drawing and the drawing has been part of the meetings ever since.

September 23, 1992, Charter night was held at the VFW in Little Falls. Folks joining the club up to that date were presented as charter memberships. Only these one hundred five members hold the distinction of being "Charter" members.

In November, the idea of having a plowing get together was suggested. Our first Field Days were held the following spring on May 1 and 2, 1993 on the Glenn Larsen farm

Let's make this event so successful that we can repeat it every year from now on.
-Quote from the newsletter

And the rest is history!